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Mandela Barnes: Putting Criminals First.

  • Fighting To Eliminate Cash Bail. Barnes wants to completely eliminate cash bail—even for those charged with violent crimes—putting criminals first and making Wisconsin communities less safe.
  • Putting Violent Criminals Back On Our Streets. Even after a “career criminal” was released on bail and charged with killing six people at the Waukesha parade, Mandela Barnes supports letting more violent criminals back on the streets. (Collin Anderson, “Wisconsin Dem Frontrunner Sponsored Bill To Eliminate Cash Bail,” Free Beacon, 12/6/21)

Mandela Barnes: Caught In a Web of Lies.

  • Lied About His Past. Barnes told multiple news sources he finished college and received a bachelor’s degree, only later admitting he did not graduate with a degree. (Molly Beck, “Mandela Barnes said months ago he ‘finished’ college but now says he didn’t graduate,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/8/19)
  • Supports Higher Taxes For Wisconsin Families—But Excludes Himself. While supporting higher taxes, Barnes has only paid state income taxes ONCE in the six years before becoming Lieutenant Governor, and has been late paying property taxes more than once. (Amy DuPont, “Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes Walks Out On Interview After Unpaid Property Tax Question,” FOX6 Milwaukee, 6/19/19) (The Associated Press, “Barnes Paid No Income Tax, Was On BadgerCare In 2018,” WMTV, 9/17/21)

Mandela Barnes: Too Radical for Wisconsin.

  • Supported Biden’s Reconciliation Bill. Barnes supports Biden’s plan to spend millions of dollars of our money to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to be unleashed on families and small businesses. Studies show the bill will raise taxes by $16.7B on families making under $200,000 a year. (Mandela Barnes, MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” 7/31/22)
  • Backs Bernie’s “Big Bold Agenda.” Barnes supported Senator Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion-dollar socialist spending bill, calling it a “big, bold agenda” funded by taxpayers. (Mandela Barnes, Working Families Party Response To The State Of The Union, 2/6/19)
  • Supports $32 Trillion Socialist Scheme. Barnes is in favor of a socialist health care scheme that would cost taxpayers 32 trillion dollars over ten years, and would cause many rural hospitals to close. (Mandela Barnes, Twitter, 1/3/20) (Mandela Barnes, Our Wisconsin Revolution Senate Forum, 2/25/22) (Charles Blahous, “The Costs Of National Single-Payer Healthcare System,” Mercatus Institute, 7/30/18)
  • In Bed With Washington’s Most Radical. Barnes supports left-wing politicians like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Bernie Sanders—whose policies have resulted in rampant inflation and higher taxes for Wisconsin families. (Mandela Barnes, Working Families Party Response To The State Of The Union, 2/6/19)
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